Property Investments

Strategic plans to invest in rental properties

Start building your real estate portfolio to build wealth and retire.

You’re well on your way to achieving your goal to have financial freedom. Now you’re ready to explore some other ways to strategically save on taxes and create passive income while you build wealth.

Our Property Investment Services include step-by- step instructions on how to:

  • Analyze properties
  • Pick the right neighborhoods
  • Make the right offer
  • Structure your down payment
  • 1031 exchange

As licensed real estate professionals, we can help educate you and give you the information you need to make sound investments while you build your real estate portfolio.


Combine our tax expertise with our real estate expertise and get  the perfect scenario for creating more wealth.


We specialize in real estate accounting and have an array of tips in our tool box. 


Take advantage of our network of investors, access to MLS data, and off market strategies we’ve developed to locate potential investment properties.

Count on Knowles Tax Firm to provide you with the numbers you need to determine your ROI before and after you invest, to maximize your tax savings.

We’ll provide you with the following:

  • Cash on cash return
  • Cap rate
  • Debt service
  • Deprecation
  • Passive losses
  • Carryover losses
  • Stay ahead of the competition when you know your numbers!


Our mission is to work with you side by side not only to help you maximize your wealth, but also to audit proof your tax return so you can get back to business in the event a taxing, draining, audit comes knocking on your door.

We’re there every step of the way. 

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