Important Tax Forms When Starting A Business

Starting a new business brings a wave of responsibilities, including managing taxes. Getting a grip on the right tax forms is important for compliance and avoiding penalties. Here’s a quick rundown of essential tax forms for new business owners:

  • EIN Application (Form SS-4):

           Get your Employer Identification Number (EIN) using this form. It’s needed for taxes, hiring, and banking.

  • Estimated Taxes (Form 1040-ES):

          For sole proprietors, partnerships, or S corps, this form helps you pay quarterly estimated taxes.

  • Partnership Income (Form 1065):

          Partnerships report income, deductions, and distributions through this form.

  • C Corporation Tax (Form 1120):

          C corporations use this form to report income, deductions, and tax liability.

  • S Corporation Returns (Form 1120S):

           S corps report income, deductions, and taxes here. The income then goes to shareholders.

  • Employee Taxes (Form 941):

          If you have employees, this form reports income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes.

  • Employee Statements (Forms W-2 and W-3):

          Report wages and withheld taxes for employees using these forms.

  • Contractor Payments (Form 1099-MISC):

           Paying contractors over $600? Issue this form to report the payments.

  • Depreciation (Form 4562):

           Claim depreciation on long-lasting assets like equipment using this form.

  • State and Local Forms:

           Remember state and local forms like sales tax returns.


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